Company Background

Our company started in 1989 in the computer graphics image generator business area. These systems were used in high fidelity flight simulators, ship handling simulators and ground vehicle simulators. Over the years Keverian and Company worked on many projects consulting for companies such as Kongsberg NorControl, General Electric, Martin Marietta, Lockheed Martin, Adacel and others. The founder George Keverian in the mid 90's along with members of FAAC Inc, and Digital Workshops developed the computer simulation game Back to Baghdad. Military Simulations Inc. owned by the famed Bob Carter funded the first realistic combat flight simulator game to use satellite imagery and it operated in real-time on a Pentium 3 computer. Several years later, Keverian and Company built a full country visual database for a transport simulator project using 1 Meter, 5 Meter and 10 Meter Satellite Imagery and it is currently in use today.

Since 2012, Keverian and Company has focused on creating value in the field of UAV systems primarily for Search and Rescue Applications, Surveillance and other long range demanding applications. These UAV systems are brought to you by very capable engineers and companies focused on high quality and high performance. With the incorporation of the Silvus Radio system we feel we have an added value for increased situational awareness while performing the mission. Keverian and Company today is the sole distributor of Silvus Radios to certain government agencies in Malaysia and Indonesia.